10 Steps: How to Find a Girlfriend

There’s absolutely no doubt that life is more enjoyable if we have people that we can share it with. If you’ve just broken up with your girlfriend or you would like to get your first girlfriend, then you may be wondering how to go about the process.

The following is a step-by-step procedure on how to find a girlfriend.

Meeting ladies

1. You must first try to be comfortable alone.

2. Help out people.

3. Consistently approach as many girls as you can.

4. Learn to accept rejections and disappointments.

5. Stop making excuses.

6. Try to have fun all the time, even if none of the ladies that you have fun with eventually accepts to be your girlfriend.

7. Always be yourself. Ladies do not like pretenders.

8. Create and maintain a network to enhance your chances of finding a good partner.

9. Ensure that you’re physically attractive all the time. Ladies never forget the first impression that they had of you.

10. Practice the art of offering genuine compliments to ladies.

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What should you do when you identify a prospective girlfriend?

1. Be the one who ends conversations most of the time

Whenever you’re communicating with a girl that you’re interested in, ensure that you’re the one who ends the conversations nearly all the time. This allows you to end them positively.

2. Be assertive

Generally, women fall in love with men who are assertive, those who take the initiative from the very beginning.

When you call her to ask for a date, offer at least two attractive options. You shouldn’t call and ask her what she’d like to do or where she’d like to go for a date without giving good proposals.

3. Be kind

Even though teasing a lady may attract her attention, it may not necessarily attract her affection. Since girls are extremely sensitive, a simple rude remark can completely ruin your chances. Complement and be sympathetic to her as often as you can. However, you should never sound sarcastic.

4. Follow through

If you managed to ask for the phone number of a girl that you really like, have the will and confidence of asking her out for a date.

After work or school, try asking her out for a meal or coffee. If she accepts, know that she may also be interested in you. If she doesn’t, know that she either lacks interest in you, or she isn’t ready for a date just yet.

5. Take her out on a date

If she accepts to go out on a date with you, take her out for coffee, lunch or dinner as soon as you can. Offer to take the bus/ taxi with her, pick her up or walk with her before and after the date. This will not only give her the impression that you’re caring, but will also give you adequate time to talk.

6. Imagine that you’re conducting a job interview

During the date, imagine that you’re conducting an interview. Putting yourself in a position of power will make you look more attractive and will also help you choose the most suitable candidate.

7. Maintain interest without looking desperate

Send a text message or call her to inquire if she arrived home safely after the date. After doing this, ensure that you don’t bother her by incessantly calling or sending text messages. She may get the impression that you’re desperate.

8. Ask for a second date

Request for a second date at least a week after the first. If she accepts, be more romantic than you were during the first date. For instance, you can request for a dinner date instead of coffee or lunch. You can also try kissing her lightly on the cheeks or hugging her.

9. Ask for more subsequent dates

Ladies can be quite complicated. For this reason, it may be necessary for you to take her out on several dates with the objective of determining her interest (or lack thereof) in you. To find out if she’s developed interest; observe her verbal and non-verbal cues.

10. Officially pop the big question

When you’re certain that a strong mutual attraction (or chemistry, if you like), exists between the two of you, then it’s time to propose to her. Pop the big question when you are physically together, not through the phone.

If she agrees to be your girlfriend, ensure that you take good care of her. Finding a good girlfriend and maintaining a relationship with her is not as easy as many people think.

What Do Girls Find Attractive in a Guy?

Everyone is different in choosing a partner. We all have different experiences and preferences. For you guys out there, I’d like to tell you some of the things that we women look for in men.

He’s good with the women in his life.

Watch how he treats the women in his life, especially his mother. This will give you a clue as to how he might treat a girlfriend. You don’t want one who calls his mother many times a day, or one who still lives with his mother. However, if he gets nervous about introducing you to his mother, that’s a good thing. It shows how much he values his mother and his opinion. It also shows how much he values you; this shows that he really wants you to get along with his family.

What Girls Find Attractive in a Guy

He makes real plans.

Sometimes being spontaneous can be fun. It may seem easy to just hang out and see how the night progress. However, it does show initiative if he actually plans for something. I’m talking about things where he actually says let’s do this thing at this time. A man taking the initiative like that can be a total turn on.

He has a great sense of humor.

My sense of humor is on the dark side of the spectrum, but any sense of humor is great. When a guy makes me laugh, it just makes me like him even more. Also, it helps if he appreciates your sense of humor. Many guys believe the silly stereotype that women can’t be funny.

He has drive and ambition.

We don’t care as much where you are at in your job, but you should have some kind of dream or drive or ambition. Do you want to do the same job for the rest of your life? It’s nice to have goals and aspiration.

He likes to hold hands or do other PDAs in public.

Now, I don’t want to make out or do obscene things like that when we meet in public. However, holding hands or hugging or putting an arm around me is sweet. Coming up and hugging me from behind or giving me a kiss on the cheek. Also, another major plus is when he acts that way in front of his friends. Ladies, if he treats you like crap around his friends dump him. He obviously doesn’t respect you if he doesn’t want to claim you or treat you right in front of the people who are important to him.

What are the Best Places to Meet Girls?

Despite what you might think, the easiest way to meet a girl is not at a bar or club. There is a lot of expectation and a lot of competition when meeting girls at a bar or club. It is a fake environment that often puts people on guard and causes them to build a wall around them, making it hard for two people to interact in a real way.

I’ve found if you want to meet a girl and have any chance of a lasting relationship – or even a first date – you would be better off meeting her somewhere outside of the typical bar and club scene. Here are some of the best places to meet girls.

1. On the street. It says funny to say that, but if you live in an area like I do, where everybody walks everywhere, the street is truly the number one best place to meet girls. I can’t tell you how many women I’ve stopped in the street to get their phone number as they are walking by. If you do not live in an area that has a lot of people out walking, then you can find places like that, for instance at an outdoor shopping area or even walk around the inside of a big indoor mall.

2. At the gym. If you want to meet girls, I suggest you join a gym and start signing up for classes. Sometimes classes traditionally geared toward women are a great place to strike up a conversation.

3. The market. There is a grocery store near the university, and it is full of young single people every Sunday night. It is easy enough to begin a casual conversation over the best brand of cereal.

4. The bookstore. I like bookstores because the women who frequent them are usually of higher than average intelligence, which is always a plus in my book. Especially if you are trying to figure out how to get a girlfriend.

5. The library. Same idea as the bookstore and sometimes even cooler chicks are library goers.

6. Clothing stores. I particularly like to meet women at vintage clothing shops or thrift stores – I like these types of girls, but you might find your dream girl hangs out at American Eagle or Victoria’s Secret if you have the guts to go in there!

7. Coffee shops. Another one of my favorites places to meet girls. It is very easy and natural to strike up a conversation in an environment such as a café or coffee shop.

8. Museums. It doesn’t matter what type of museum, whether it is one geared toward art, science or history, these are great venues to meet girls.

9. A college class. I don’t care if you have a Ph.D.; it never hurts to sign up for a college class to meet girls. It makes you more attractive, as well, if you are studying a foreign language or stained glass or literature, and is an excellent way to expand your social circle and meet girls.

10. Anywhere you might volunteer. If you want to expand your social circle and meet women, start finding places to volunteer. Maybe help build houses for Habitat for Humanity or work in a soup kitchen. You will meet girls with a little more depth in these environments, too, which is always a bonus.

Now, it’s time for you to stop reading and go out there and meet some girls. For more articles on the topic we suggest you visit the ManStuff blog. And, don’t forget if we have forgotten anything in this list to drop us a line and let us know.