What Do Girls Find Attractive in a Guy?

Everyone is different in choosing a partner. We all have different experiences and preferences. For you guys out there, I’d like to tell you some of the things that we women look for in men.

He’s good with the women in his life.

Watch how he treats the women in his life, especially his mother. This will give you a clue as to how he might treat a girlfriend. You don’t want one who calls his mother many times a day, or one who still lives with his mother. However, if he gets nervous about introducing you to his mother, that’s a good thing. It shows how much he values his mother and his opinion. It also shows how much he values you; this shows that he really wants you to get along with his family.

What Girls Find Attractive in a Guy

He makes real plans.

Sometimes being spontaneous can be fun. It may seem easy to just hang out and see how the night progress. However, it does show initiative if he actually plans for something. I’m talking about things where he actually says let’s do this thing at this time. A man taking the initiative like that can be a total turn on.

He has a great sense of humor.

My sense of humor is on the dark side of the spectrum, but any sense of humor is great. When a guy makes me laugh, it just makes me like him even more. Also, it helps if he appreciates your sense of humor. Many guys believe the silly stereotype that women can’t be funny.

He has drive and ambition.

We don’t care as much where you are at in your job, but you should have some kind of dream or drive or ambition. Do you want to do the same job for the rest of your life? It’s nice to have goals and aspiration.

He likes to hold hands or do other PDAs in public.

Now, I don’t want to make out or do obscene things like that when we meet in public. However, holding hands or hugging or putting an arm around me is sweet. Coming up and hugging me from behind or giving me a kiss on the cheek. Also, another major plus is when he acts that way in front of his friends. Ladies, if he treats you like crap around his friends dump him. He obviously doesn’t respect you if he doesn’t want to claim you or treat you right in front of the people who are important to him.